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Arkaroola Two Series Exhibition 8-29th October 2016

I'll be exhibiting some of my latest work at the Hawthorn Studio Gallery.  The opening is Saturday the 8th of October from 4-6pm, where no doubt someone will make me say a few words

“This is my 33rd Solo Exhibition and my second series on Arkaroola, the first one being in 1987. This area is rich with magnificent rock formations, a land full of volcanic geological masterpieces.The mixed media and oil paintings in this exhibition depict the array of strength, colour and shape - a timeless history of the formations of ancient history.”

Gary Miles 201  

ITALIA: Venice-Rome-Calabria

21 NOV - 12 DEC

Hawthorn Studio & Gallery

In the Italian winter of 2014 Gary travelled with his family to Italy. Painting and travelling from Venice to the Southern tip of the boot, Gary took in the ashen streets of Pompei, the coast of Reggio, and the agrarian groves of small town Calabria. Seasonal in their ways, practical and non-wasting, Gary affaired with the Italian landscape and the seasonal nature of her people.  The cold spectrum of winter is splashed and stroked through Gary’s ever shifting language. From the anvils of a cautious blacksmith to roadside citrus and olive groves, the Miles vision is an intense representation of place and person.

Bella, in the steep flanks of Nicastro, Lametzia Terma (Calabria) hosted a fortnightly base. Homemade wine, the daily bread man, coffee and the afternoon shutdown during siesta shaped Gary’s time- all painted from the hatchback of a very small car. This is a departure for Miles and a series of work that has evolved the practical, parochial Australian.

Tibooburra Show

"this is the last time these works will be together as a collection" Gary Miles remarked as he surveyed the room.  It wasn't said in sadness but as an artist who knows it's time for his work to find it's own way in the world.